What's New!

We know you love your farm maps. That’s why our latest iPad update is full of improved mapping tools that let you draw your boundaries, cut out non-arable areas, annotate and draw on your maps, see your paddock’s insights at-a-glance and much more.

  • New! Paddock Withholding Periods let you & your staff know what fields are currently active. See the duration and type of re-entry for each of your paddocks right on your farm maps page. Withholding Periods can be accessed from the Paddock Insights menu. Agworld-Collaborative-Farm-Management-iP

  • New! Map & re-map your paddocks with pin-point accuracy on your iPad. The new pivot and add/remove tools let you map even the most complex boundaries and cut out non-arable areas in your paddock. Agworld-Collaborative-Farm-Management-iP

  • New! Get directions to your mapped paddocks & location pins. Using the turn-by-turn directions of Apple or Google maps, you can point your staff to key locations or job sites as shown on your Agworld farm map.

  • Drive and map a paddock using your iPad’s GPS tracking. Just start driving around the paddock while your iPad automatically draws the boundary based on the path you've travelled.

  • Map annotations help you reference and distinguish key areas on your farm map more effectively by seeing your current location and by adding drawings or descriptive text with multiple colours.

  • Paddock Labels let you customise the look and information that you see on your farm map by paddock name, crop & variety or area.

  • Paddock Insights provide additional layers of agronomic and paddock performance information to your farm map. See each paddock’s yield data, total cost to date, the number of jobs due for the week and your planned or actual gross margins without ever leaving the maps page. Agworld-Collaborative-Farm-Management-iP

Click here to update your Agworld for iPad app and experience these exciting mapping features.

If you haven’t used our iPad app in a while, click here to download it for free before the busy seeding season starts. If you ever get stuck, just shout out and we’ll be ready to help through live chat, email or on the phone - you choose!


Creating activities has a fresh new look. Taking design cues from our popular iPad app, we've rebuilt our website activity creation screen from the ground up and added a number of highly requested features such as smarter re-entry period and water rate defaults. In addition, we've put recently used products and templates at your fingertips for faster activity creation.


What's new?

  • See a list of your recently used inputs when creating your activities

  • When creating a new activity from a template, we keep your recently used templates at the top

  • You can now filter your inputs list to only show the ones from your price list

  • Your rainfast and re-entry periods now default to hours

  • Better support for activities where water rate is not required

Click here to log in and try the new activity form on the web.

We understand that you may be in the middle of your season and may not want to make the switch right now. We’ve included a feature toggle to allow you to temporarily go back and use the form you’re familiar with. Click on the star next to your name and account settings to switch between the two forms.


Our goal has always been to provide collaborative solutions that enable our farmers and agronomists to work as one - anytime, anywhere. Throughout 2016, we've continued to bring amazing improvements to our iPhone app and we are thrilled to share these with you:

Paddock Insights - Layer your farm maps with the information that’s most important to you. See each paddock’s yield data, total cost to date, the number of jobs due for the week and your planned or actual gross margins without ever leaving the maps page.

Better Performance - No more waiting for your jobs to load. Activity lists now load up to four times faster so you can focus on what matters.

Native Resolution - Agworld now supports native resolution for larger iPhones.

Drive Paddock Boundaries - Mapping a paddock is now as easy as driving around the boundary.

Wet or Dry Application -  Specify whether a job is a wet or dry application when creating your jobs.

Paddock Labels - View information like paddock name, crop & variety and area right on your farm maps - all at a click of a button.

Farm Staff Activity Templates - Significantly cut the time you spend creating jobs on the iPhone. The ability to share your activity templates with your staff ensures that everyone is on the same page, working as one.

Band Width and Row Spacing - Now you can provide band width and row spacing information, providing you with a more accurate way of performing conversions to reduce errors and improve record accuracy.

Multiple Operators & Assets - Know exactly which of your staff and assets are required to complete a job. Use the multi-select tool to assign jobs to one or more of your farm staff for an accurate way of knowing who is responsible. Assign assets to a specific job to tell your farm staff which equipment to use to complete the task.

Partially Complete Your Jobs - Complete the big jobs one paddock at a time, see which paddocks you've already converted to actual and view your progress as you go. 

And finally,  

Tank Mix Calculator - Now you can get your spraying jobs done without the need for manual tank calculations. The new tank mix calculator shows you all the information you need to get your tank mix right, down to the last drop.